September 19, 2017


Nelson - BC


Elder Darren Davis

Week 10, BC

well hi mom it has been a good week and a fast one. But i am having a great time but i am glad that the time i have out here and i have learned a lot in the short amount of time i have been here. But my week went like this:

Wednesday-So we got up and did the morning thing we do then we went and did service for a less active and did that for her and she is very happy for the help that we give. But then we came back to the apartment and then did personal studies. Then after that we went into our companion studies and it was good studies that we had. Then we had dinner with a member then after that we did some door knocking. then after that we did another area and did more door knocking. then called it a day.

Thursday- We got up and did the morning routine and then we dove into personal studies and that was great as well but then we did weekly planning and it was good and a little long but always a good thing to plan out your week. then after that we got into our companion study. but then we chilled at the apartment until we decided to go door knocking before dinner. But then we went to the parslows and it is always good to know that the members care for us and love the elders.

Friday- so we got up and did the morning routine and did personal study. then we got ready to go to the soup kitchen and man it is great to do that and how that the people there love us and are grateful for us. so we did that and then we went to the church and did companion studies and 12 week and it was good to do that then after that we knocked some doors and then we went to the apartment and then headed to dinner with a family that is a nice couple and that they are very nice to feed us.

Saturday- So we got up a 5:45 and went to a members home to get a ride to go do some service. so we got a ride up then we took a free fairy over the lake and it was beautiful view and i did took pictures but then we did have fun. But the service that i did was i stacked fire wood and it was good. then we had to go back and did not get back at our apartment until 2:45. we did our studies and then we knocked on exactly 10 doors then went to dinner and the dinner was cool because there kids we grown up and we just talked but then we called it a day.

Sunday- we had to get up and get ready then went to a members home and went to Nelson branch conf. it was good i got a lot out of it then we meet the stake presidency and then we had lunch at the church and good to get to know the members more. but then we came back to the pad and Elder Davis took a good long nap and i woke him up so we could go to dinner and again it is always nice to see members that love you.

Monday- we got up and did our personal studies and had our District meeting and that was filled with laughs left and right. But then we had appointment. Then after that we did service and we had then creston elders help and we knocked out most of her deck then we had time before we went to dinner and then had dinner with a good family. But it was kinda weird because it was so quite. but it is always nice of their generosity to have us over.

Hey i love you and i miss you much and hope that your week goes well and i will see you until Tuesday

From your loving son,

On Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 9:08 PM, Kimberly Orton wrote:
Just thinking about you today. Sure do love you! Praying for you, Elder Davis and your investigator. Can't wait to hear from you on Tuesday. XOXO Mom

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