January 21, 2019


Chosica, Peru


Bryce Burley

Week #75

Well this week was a great week here in Peru. Last monday we went as a Zone to hike Matucana. It was awesome. There are seriously some of the neatest places here in Peru. The very next day, the rain just dumped on us and everyone was freaking out here. The natives all hide in their houses because of the floods. My companion and I were basically the only two out in the streets the entire day and we got soaked, but we loved it. They probably think we are just a couple of stupid Americans, but oh well. lol We were even on the news here. Some news reporters were out in our area filming the water coming down the streets and we just happened to to be walking by, it was pretty funny. I've attached a picture of our baptismal font too. The rain is also one of our ways that we have to fill up the font, so the water is pretty dirty.

Yesterday, was a really cool day as well. We had our entire mission and all of the converts that have been baptized over the last two years come and listen to one of the 70's give a talk. It was so cool to see all of the new members of the church and many of my own converts. My second convert of my mission will be serving a mission this coming April to Columbia. So cool to see the change in her, it made me super happy to see and hear her exciting news.

Today for P-day we went to a place called Ticlio, which is the highest place in Peru. We weren't dressed appropriately, most of us wore shorts, and we nearly froze up at the top. Lots of my buddies got super sick and couldn't breath. When we got out of the car it was hard to walk and we all were tripping all over the road. The view was amazing though. We had to hitch a ride back down and my companion threw up in their car on the way back...good times! Loving it here. Super dope week.

Love all you guys!
Elder Kaeson Baird


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