December 10, 2018


Chosica, Peru


Bryce Burley

Week #69

Today isn't our p-day today, but we are able to email home and that's about it for the day. We are having our Christmas party on Wednesday so we have to use that day as our p-day, but we had a pretty solid week this past week, loved every minute of it. First of all, last Monday we went on a hike out in Matucana where there was supposed to be an awesome waterfall, well there wasn't any waterfall to see that we could find, so we did what boys do and a lot of time that's dumb stuff and we climbed up this 25-foot cliff. It was all fun and games until we tried to come back down. We all started back down together and Elder Broadhead waited for us to get down and then he started to climb down, but he took a bad step and slipped and fell all the way down the cliff and landed on the rocks. We thought for sure he had broken his legs or broke something and quickly ran over to help him. It was so scary and crazy. His legs were okay, but he when he pulled up his shorts and he already had huge bruises and blood all over his legs. Seriously, it was crazy that he didn't get more hurt, I know God had a hand in protecting him.

Elder Broadhead recovered for the most part, but was pretty sore. I went on an interchange with him the next day. We were out contacting people and come to find out one of the guys is a Pastor from another church and wanted to bible bash with us. I was like, okay man let's see what ya got...I'm pretty sure I can prove you wrong and then out of nowhere this guy comes up behind us and just starts smashing this guy with the Book of Mormon. I was like, wow, who are you dude? I asked if he was a member and he was like no, but I"m being taught by some other Elders right now. I was like, sweet man we can see you've got a pretty strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. lol

Yesterday, we tried to fast. I say tried because by the end we failed miserably. We started our fast in the morning and then left and helped a lady push her cart of food. After we got her to her house, she's like take this Chicha. Chicka is a drink that is purple corn and we were like, no it's okay we don't need a drink. She kept insisting so we decided we could take it from her and then walk away and toss it out so we could continue with our fast, but she grabbed like her nicest cups and began to pour the Chicha into we pretty much decided we had better drink it. Later that night we were teaching another guy and his mom comes into the room and hands us these huge plates of food. I was like, oh man here we go again. The problem here is if you refuse food or drinks from the people it's like punching them in the face, so we always feel obligated to take everything they offer. So we ate again. Fasting failed miserably.

A weird thing happened yesterday when a member came up to us and said they have his pueblio, which means little town, and they are all my family members and there is about 50-75 people who are ready to be baptized. The Pueblito is about two hours from where we are at, so I was like dope....we will make the trip and see what we can do to help. It would be amazing if everything works out and we can share the gospel with an entire family and their extended family members and be able to start a family group out there. Their town hasn't ever had a church or church services of any kind, nor have they ever seen white folks so this should be interesting! haha

Loving the mission here, hope you are all doing well at home.



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