December 3, 2018


Chosica, Peru


Bryce Burley

Week #68

This zone leader stuff is not really my thing. lol Getting up at 5 a.m. every day for meetings and paper stuff. More meetings than usual, we have a lot of needs with the current missionaries in our mission. I would rather be talking to people in the streets. haha I couldn't really talk to people I didn't know before I left and now that's all I want to do....the chicks better watch out when I get home. lol

Anyway, we got to go to the temple this past week and eat some food. Remember how I choked in the CCM on rice and had to have the heimlich maneuver done on me? Well I choked again on rice to the point where I couldn't feel my hands on my cheeks and my legs were getting tingly. It was crazy stuff. Elder Madruga had to pretty much carry me to the bathroom. I was thinking this is awesome, I'm choking, I'm a missionary and I'm in the problem I will be okay. lol I also had to see someone this week down by the beach to have my ingrown toenail cut out. They didn't numb it or anything, just took her right out. That's something I do not want to experience again.

We worked hard this week with a new family we are teaching. There name is the Chomorro family. We started teaching them on Saturday and we invited them to go to church with us on Sunday. We went to their house to pick them up and they were all ready to go in their shirts and tiesand dresses. It was awesome. Made me really happy. When we were at their house teaching them they brought me and my companion out a couple plates of food and it looked horrible! I was like oh man we gunna die. So while we were teaching the lesson, I looked over at my companion and he is shoving the food from his plate into his backpack. I was dying and then I was like hey man, take my food and get rid of it for me too. He didn't, so I had to try and eat a little bit of it. Terrible, nasty stuff.

Great week of working hard, sweating and getting eaten by mosquitos. We consider that a successful week here in Peru!

Elder Kaeson Baird


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