November 19, 2018


Campoy, Peru


Elder Isaac Crosby

Week #66

So many things happened this week! We first spend the afternoon at the temple doing a session. It was so hard for me to stay awake this time, but always good to feel the spirit in the temple. My friend, Jenny, was able to be baptized this week also. I was so happy to see her all the way through baptism. She is super cool and loves us. She always invites us to eat food at her house. We were there the night before she was baptized and she thanked us for coming into her life. She said that people have been asking her where she got her two body guards from. Pretty funny to think that's what people think we are for her. I guess she was having problems before with people trying to enter her room at night, but hasn't had any problems since we have been teaching her. Also other investigators that we had contacted and then passed along to the zone leaders were baptized as well. Such a great feeling to see the change their lives. During our white night and had a total of 8 investigators be baptized and confirmed. I don't know if anyone remembers a guy named Angel that took me outside the church after a baptism to talk to me about the church and the feelings he was feeling while inside. We spoke for awhile about what our church and then said he wanted to get baptized that very day. I said we needed to hold up a little and I would get him in contact with the missionaries for his area. Well, he did get baptized and now is preparing himself to serve a mission. His parents and sister got baptized yesterday and I had a lesson with his cousin and uncle and we committed them to baptism. So cool to see what one seed that is planted can do in the church and the people who receive the gospel from that one person. Now he wants to serve a mission and will do the same for others. So awesome!

Transfers were also this week. There was no doubt that I would be leaving because I have been here in Campoy for six months, but I was surprised to learn that I would be going back to Chosica, the same area I was before I came here to Campoy. I guess my work there wasn't done. haha I will be in a different district. I'm excited to see Angie again though. She was my pension and the lady that really helped to tutor me in Spanish before each meal. So the area was a surprise, but not nearly as big of a surprise as the call to be the Zone leader and open up a new area. Not sure what I think about that. Like I said about becoming a district leader, I would rather just do the work and leave the paper stuff to other people. But I will take the calling and do my best with it. My companion, Elder Crosby, that I have trained for the past 12 weeks will now be a trainer himself, as well as the district leader. He's done great since coming to the field. We got along great! My new companion will be Elder Burley.

I'm going to send some pictures of the biggest pigs I have ever seen in my life. It's Angel's farm. The pigs are about 500 pounds they told us. The other picture is of Angel's parents and sister's baptism. A great family all beginning to accept the gospel in their lives.

I hope everyone has a solid week! Love to you all and Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you all share pictures with me next week.
Elder Kaeson Baird


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