September 24, 2018


Campoy, Peru


Elder Isaac Crosby

Week #58

Hey Everyone!

Another typical week out here in Campoy. We've been tracking every day and working hard. We have two new investigators that we found this week that are taking our discussions. We will hopefully have 2-3 baptisms coming up this weekend as well, so that will be dope. It's a noche blanca for our area. It's been crazy lately around here or maybe it's just the area I don't know, but I have never bible bashed so much in my entire life until I got to this area. The people here just like to bible bash and it's driving me nuts these days. We were talking to this one guy for like an hour and having a good conversation, but then he decided to start digging and ragging on the church, so my comp and I burned him....then we invited him to church. lol We had an interested experience where a girl came up to my comp and I and asked how she can live in the United States. I was like, what? She said I want to live with Trump. She said, look at this place here it's all dirty because of you guys and because all of the Venezuelans that are leaving their country and coming to Peru because of you people. I was like lady, calm down and relax. Have you ever been to the US? I don't think you have any idea what the states are like and maybe you should get your information from different resources. It was kinda funny. We invited her to church and she said she would come, so oh well. If all else fails invite them to church and maybe some will come and most won't. haha

Last P-day was pretty awesome. We hiked a mountain all the way to the top and there were little shacks up on the top of the mountain. It was crazy! The view was amazing through. We also had to walk through a pig farm area on our way up and I kid you not, there was pigs the size of donkeys. It absolutely blew my mind. haha

Great week, I'm loving every minute of my mission and I feel like the time is moving fast these days. I never thought I would say those words, but really the weeks are just flying by. Love you guys all so much!


Elder Kaeson Baird


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