September 17, 2018


Campoy, Peru


Elder Isaac Crosby

Week #57

The weeks just keep ticking down so fast it seems like! Crazy how fast each week comes and goes compared to the beginning of my mission when the weeks felt like an eternity! Nothing super exciting happened this week other than being able to listen too and shake the hand of Elder Renlund from the Quorum of the 12 on Friday. It was pretty awesome.

We are pretty much spending all day each day out tracking My feet are dead tired at the end of the day. We have started teaching a new investigator, a young boy named Franco. We found him through one of our other investigators we are teaching. He wanted to learn more about the church so we taught him and he joined us at church on Sunday. Tracking all day also means try not to get bit by the thousands of dogs in the street. I was unsuccessful this week. I got bit right after another. Stupid dang dogs. I wanted to kill one of them. His bite really hurt. Anyway, the girl Ana, who we baptized last week, gave me a gift. I'll attach a picture of it. She calls me Elder Boria for some reason. Anyway, its a balloon and it says from your love....I'm giving you my perfume. lol After we left her, my comp said Elder Baird, looks like you've got yourself another lover. lol She put her perfume on the balloon and some of her fingernail polish too.

Sorry this email is kinda short. Love you guys and have a good week!

Elder Kaeson Baird


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