September 3, 2018


Campoy, Peru


Elder Isaac Crosby

Week #55

Holy smokes.....this week has been a super dope, stressful and one of the hardest weeks of my mission, but still so awesome at the same time. I received my new companion, Elder Crosby, who came with 23 other new missionaries from the MTC in Mexico. He is from Kaysville and a super dope kid. I like him a lot and think we will do great things together. When we all meet at the church to receive our new companions they play a little game until you find/pick who your new companion will be. Then the President talks to everyone and he starts talking and says when we open our suitcases we are making a promise to him and to God and we need to all be strong soldiers. He then says, he admires one Elder who has been someone that has really struggled in the mission and then he says my name.....Elder Baird. I had no clue what was happening, but then he asked me to come stand up next to him. So, I walked up to him and he says, "Would you look at this kid right here. He is one tough missionary who has struggled with his Spanish more than any other Elder he has seen in the mission. He has changed and grown so much and now look at him. He's standing here a year later and still fighting and never gave up. Then he handed me the microphone and said, Elder Baird, can you give these new missionaries some advice. So I took the mic and just talked to them all about pushing through the hard times and relying on God to help us through. It was super cool, but that really surprised me. lol

We have been working really hard this week and had five people come to church with us this week. It was awesome! We did two contacts....I contacted another little old lady, but I didn't say anything about the gospel, but instead I asked her if she spoke some Quechua and some other words in Spanish and what they meant and pretty much just built up some good old conversation with her. Then I asked her if she would like to come to church tomorrow with us and she says, yes I would love too very much. Can you come by and pick me up tomorrow please. I was like you bet! So Sunday rolls around and we went there to pick her up and her husband comes out and was bible bashing to us. I was like, dude...just go get your wife and tell her we are here to pick her up. So he went inside and got her and she came running down and was so happy that we came to get her. She didn't think we were going to show up, she was super happy. She came to church with us and was telling everyone at church how she and I met and what we talked about. It was kinda funny cause then everyone from the ward was saying I should try that with everybody to get them to come to church. lol We are also teaching another older lady right now too. She's scheduled for baptism this coming Saturday with her son, but she's a little crazy. She talks about how when she touches the bible she can see all of it and then she sees visions and has people come to her at night. We are like, mmmmmm yah okay, thats kinda cool/weird. We are trying to help her out, like A LOT.

We finished off the week with a push up competition with the zone leaders and everyone else who wanted to join in with us. So you had to do as many pushups as you could. Two of us on a team. The other Elder I was with did like 10 and then he was done. I was like, are you kidding me?? Everyone else at least did 30. So I figured we were going to lose this battle. haha I was one of the last Elders to go and I knew I had to do a lot, so yo boi showed up and I cranked out 70 pushups without stopping. I know my pops would be so proud. lol We ended up in second place and lost by only 3 pushups, not too bad. Pretty funny, though. The mission is awesome and life is good.

Have a great week everyone!
Elder Kaeson Baird


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