August 27, 2018


Campoy, Peru


Elder Joel Lopez

Week #54

Well guys, we got our assignments with the transfers and I'm super pumped. I'm going to be training and will receive a new greenie from the Mexico MTC on Wednesday. I'm really excited. I will also be staying in my same area of Campoy for at least another six weeks if not longer.

Nothing too exciting has happened since I just wrote last Thursday. We had what we call a zone attack where we all go out contacting though, which is always interesting. There was a group of people walking and I was drawn towards a little old lady. She just stuck out to me out of everybody in the group, I don't really know why, but I stopped her and began talking to her. She asked me where is the church that I was talking about and I pointed to the direction of the church. She said, I would really like to change my life and of course we were like, sick....then she says, I would like to get baptized! I was like, oh wow! I took down her information and then she started to crying and told me thank you for stopping her and sharing our message with her. It was pretty cool.

Yesterday, we were leaving church and I paid the bus driving one sole to go back to our area. As we were about to get off of the bus, he told me I needed to pay more money to him. I was like, no's only one sole and I already paid you. He said, no it's 2 soles. I was like whatever dude, your crazy man. Then I said, why didn't you tell us that when we were at the bottom about to get in then? He said, fine I don't care, I'll take you back down where you started then. I was like whatever makes you happy then. He wouldn't let us off of the bus either. I wanted to punch the dude in the face, but I just had to bite my tongue. I may be stubborn, but I hate it when they try to rip you off. So off we went right back to where we started. lol

Hope you everyone has a great week!

Elder Baird


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