July 30, 2018


Campoy, Peru


Elder Joel Lopez

Week #50

Well, this week was so amazing!!! To start the week last week on Monday, the mission president called us and said that we had an interview with him at 3 that day, so we left and got there for the interview and then he was like, Oh man I'm sorry you guys. I can't do it today anymore and then asked us to come back again on Tuesday at 5 p.m. because it was an emergency. So my companion and I were like, oh crap what have we done wrong and what's he going to burn us for. lol

While I was there on Monday I got to see Elder Smartt one last time and meet his family before he headed home. His mom and my mom have kept in pretty good contact with social media. They just happened to be at the offices at the same time. He was my very first trainer, so it was cool to meet everyone.

So, Tuesday arrives and we were waiting at the church and President Amato comes and he says get in the car and opens the door and his wife is in there too, so we were really confused at this point. He then said, I'm going to say a prayer and does and then says to us, today is going to be a great day and then started talking about the ward and our area and everything. I asked where we were going and he said, to Central Park to the church so we can talk. I have a meeting there. So, I was like okay....this is a little weird cause that is out of our area boundaries. We were in lots of traffic so it took us over an hour to get there, but after we arrived and got out of the car, he says we need to hurry. We have to go fast. So we were walking and in the center of this area there were tons of people and I notice a group of white girls and most of them had blonde hair! I was like, what?? That's weird. I haven't seen one of those in quite some time. lol Then right beyond the girls I see this big ole head with a blue hat on that was taller than everybody else by like 7 inches and I was like....NO WAY that's not my brother, and then I said out loud to my mission president my brothers, my brothers that's my brothers. I look over at him and he is already recording me and told me to go see them. I ran up behind Kaige and Ky and grabbed the both of them and they were just as shocked as I was! It was so awesome. We didn't get to visit long, but the time we had was enough. I had no idea that was what was happening. The President actually got the days mixed up and thought it was on Monday, so that was why he called us into his office on that Monday, but then realized he had the days wrong. I was just happy I wasn't in some kind of trouble. It seriously was the best. I couldn't stop shaking. He even Face timed my parents at home so I was able to say hi for a few minutes to them too.

The rest of the week was good and weird. We did eventually have interviews with the President, which went good, and then we split up and each had a missionary from the CCM come contacting with us. I got an Elder who studied Spanish for 5 years before coming on a mission and he still couldn't understand or talk that well. He asked me how many years I had had and I was like zero and its been terrible learning. lol One of the other Elder's that was with us got a gun pulled on him and he was robbed of all the money he had and they took his camera. He had a kid from the CCM that was super new with him and I think it scared the crap out of him. lol

Then yesterday at church the bishop got up to the pulpit and was talking about tithing and said that all he is seeing is about 10-15 soles of tithing from the members. Then he announced how much the ward pays and then says that the blessings from paying tithing don't come from the heavens, they come from your money!!!! I look over at our zone leader and his mouth was literally on the floor. Great day to bring investigators to church, right? haha He was like, wow, I don't even know what to say. We also lost most of the investigators we had this week that had commitments to be baptized so that sucked. Not because of what happened at church, but before the week started off awesome and ended kinda crappy.

Here's to a new week! Hope everyone has a good one.
Elder Kaeson Baird


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