July 23, 2018


Campoy, Peru


Elder Joel Lopez

Week #49

Wow? What a week down here in the cold......I can't ever get warm these days.

This week we have been trying to contact like crazy. We took a stack full of about 250 cards and set out to go and talk to people. In about two hours, my companion and I had no cards left. I was so hammered and tired after that that I didn't want to talk to another person. lol

We did have another baptism this past week of a young girl. She has been going to church the past two months, but had never been baptized, so she chose baptism pretty quick. She knew a lot about the church already.

We finally got two more Elders that moved into our apartment area. One is from Cedar City, Elder Cameron Dodds and the other Elder is from Brazil. Elder Dodds just entered into the field. He's pretty cool. Talks a little weird, so I try to help him with his Spanish when he needs it. I know all too well what he's going through. He took Spanish in high school and SUU, so he will be fine. lol He asked me how many years I took it in high school and I was like, none dude......I've had to learn it all here in the field and it's been a long time coming and still learning. My own companion, Elder Lopez, is great at correcting me when I say something in the wrong text and that is helpful.

While we were out contacting I had this guy following me that just kept yelling "Gringo" at me. I finally had enough and got mad and turned around and called him a Cholo, which is not a very good word to call anyone down here, but I did it. I had had enough. After that he said, "Oh sorry, forgive me gringo." I guess when you say what I called him it's pretty much being a raciest, but he was calling me gringo, so my companion was like, yah just call him a cholo. It was kinda funny. Later on we were at a member's house, who also happens to be the mission leader of our ward, and he told me that I talk like Forest Gump. I was like what the heck dude......thanks a lot. Geez, these people sometimes. I guess I still need some work on my Spanish. He then tried to over it up by saying when I talk really fast I sound like him. haha Whatever man....

Other than that, it was a good week. It's crazy to think that Kaige and Ky are so close to me down here in Cusco. Hope they are enjoying the cold showers. haha

Have a great week everyone!
Elder Kaeson Baird


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