July 9, 2018


Campoy, Peru


Elder Joel Lopez

Week #47

Well, this week was really kinda boring We didn't find anybody new this week to teach either, so it pretty much stunk. We contact all day long. The other day, me and my companion just stood on the corner of a busy intersection. He was on one corner and I stood on the opposite corner. We tried to talk to every moving thing trying to find new investigators for about two hours. Some of the girls that would walk by me just looked at me weird because I'm a white boy and they would stop and stare like I'm some kind of creature from another planet. haha

This week we found out they are splitting our ward into two different wards so we will have to move apartments. We are also getting another set of missionaries this next week because it's transfers again.

I've been praying that I could be put in the path of someone that needed help this past week and sure enough the time came for me to help someone. We were at the bottom of some stairs and this couple was carrying loads of stuff to the top. The lady was pretty much dying so I ran up and took the stuff from her and started heading up the stairs. About halfway there, I was thinking why in the world did I grab this crap....these stairs are never ending. lol Once we got to the top we chatted a little bit with the couple and invited them to church. They didn't come, but that's okay.

Transfers are next week, so we will see how stuff goes. Love you guys. I'm sad I missed out on all the 4th of July fun. We didn't do anything down here. The only excitement we had was my companion getting bit by a dog and having to take him to the doctor because it put a freaking hole in his leg. So now I carry about my silly string my mom sent me for my birthday to fight off the dogs. lol

Love you guys, have a great week!



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