June 4, 2018


Campoy, Peru


Elder Joel Lopez

Week #42

Kinda bummed today. I found out last night that I am being transferred out of the area and I'm pretty sad. I didn't want to leave this area, but I am glad I'm leaving my comp. I couldn't handle any more. haha. I think he had the same feelings as me. When my mission president called to let us know of the changes, he spoke to my companion and all of a sudden we saw him jumping up and down saying yes, yes, yes! Then he hung up the phone and said in Spanish to me, you're leaving and I get to stay here! I'm actually the only one leaving out of the four of us. My new area is called Campoy and I hear it's pretty much just a straight up dirt mountain.

Yesterday, we had an area 70's come for our Stake Conference. I loved the talks they shared, they were super awesome. It's nice to have them visit. We all learn a lot from their visits.

Nothing too exciting happened this week, same routine, same tantrums from my companion when we didn't do what he wanted to do. When we were out tracking this week, these little kids came running up to me and grabbed ahold of my legs while I was walking. They were 4-year-old twins. They wouldn't let go of me. It was pretty funny so I tried to get a video of them. A little later some guys walking by me and then they came up to my face and stuck their middle finger up and told me to F off. I was like what in the world did I do to you dude. I'm just a gringo here....I know I've really changed out here cause back home I would have popped the dude. Here I would probably get killed. lol

We also visited a family's house yesterday and they asked me to share my experiences about the church and why I am on a mission. There were a lot of nonmembers there. I shared my testimony with them and I felt the spirit super strong. It was a nice way to end my time here in Chosica. I am off to Campoy in the morning. Excited for the new experiences this transfer will give to me. I am up for the challenge and can't wait to start in a new area.

Elder Kaeson Baird


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