May 28, 2018


Chosica, Peru


Elder Alejandro Alegre Layme

Week #41

This week was awesome! We had two baptisms for the two girls I talked about last week. One of the girls chose me to baptize her and my companion thought that she was in love with him and thought for sure she was going to ask him to baptize her. The look on his face was hilarious when she asked me. It was awesome. I loved getting to baptize her, but the water was sooooo cold my toes were about to fall off. It took Nize a solid 10 minutes to walk into the water because it was so cold. Once she was finally in the water she was okay.

I don't know if you remember a cool kid named, Erick Ronaldo, from my very first area. He was also my very first baptism in the mission field with Elder Smartt. Well, he got my location information from my parents and set out to find me. She showed up at church to my current ward and surprised me! It was awesome to see him. He said my Spanish was much much better. He will be a kid that I will have a longtime friendship with. We both made an impact on each other.

So the issues with my companion are getting a little tiny bit better. I changed my attitude towards him and quit talking crap and he now listens to me more as the senior companion, so I guess that is good. On the downside of things we lost the lady who does our laundry each week for us. She said she just couldn't wash our clothes anymore because my companions clothes always smelled so bad. I promise you all, I wasn't kidding with how bad it really is. Anyway, she said it was taking her twice as long to do the laundry because she couldn't get the stink out and she was using twice the amount of soap and having to scrub with her hands for a very long time so she just can't do it anymore. So that means the rest of us our out as well. So that's awesome.

Remember how I have to teach the English class each week? Well, there is a girl in the class that I guess has a crush on me. A member from the ward is friends with her on social medial and showed me her posts. She's been taking pictures of me without me knowing and posting them on facebook. Pretty funny. When I went on splits with the District Leaders, he's also a gringo, we were getting hit on so much in the streets. We went to go contact some older women and we were talking with a few. One of them told us that she wanted our babies and that we need to put sunscreen on because we were all red and that she would do it for us. I looked at my companion and was like, dude....what the heck. After that she started petting my arm like a dog and I was like woman what are you doing and then we tried to leave. She wanted to kiss us goodbye and we just headed out super fast to get away. It was kinda scary!

My nana also passed away on Friday and my Mission President gave me permission to call home for 15 minutes. I called my family and they happened to be at my cousin Braxton's graduation party, so I was able to talk to so many of my family members and my Grandma Bennie. I could finally talk to her in Spanish! It was awesome, but I will sure miss my Nana.

Hope everyone has a great week. I find out next Sunday if I will be leaving this area. I have been here for almost 12 weeks so I'm pretty sure I will be transferred. I hope I stay because I have grown to love this area and really love my pension and her family. She has been like a second mom to me.

Elder Kaeson Baird


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