May 14, 2018


Chosica, Peru


Elder Alejandro Alegre Layme

Week #39

Well, what a week! The weeks just keep flying by for the most part. I'm still struggling with my companion. We just don't get a long. Actually, he doesn't get along with anybody really. I've had to hold my temper, and I don't even have a temper anymore, a lot this week. Everyone says you will have that one companion that will be your trial in your mission. I think I have that one right now. He's blaming me for not finding people because I study Spanish too much so that kinda ticked me off, but whatever. We had our interviews with the mission president this past week too. They went really well. Of course my companion had a list of things he had to tattle tell on me for like getting back into the room two minutes after curfew, studying Spanish at the pensions house and not going to bed on time. He's like that sibling that always says, "I'm going to tell mom and dad you're doing this or that, except replace the mom and dad with the mission president. I now just reply, go ahead and call or email him buddy. Then he will understand just how crazy you're actually driving the rest of us. My own interview with the President was awesome, I really love the guy. He asked me what I was trying to do to make my companionship better. I said, really nothing, I'm just trying not to blow up on him. He said he understood, but to try and maybe serve him this week. So, I'll try that I guess. Transfers are June 5th. I can hold on until then......if we don't switch things around I just might die.

We have been teaching two girls named Nize and Laura They are 20 and 14 years old. We finally put them with a baptismal date. We also have another baptism scheduled for this week too with another investigator named Kharel. I'm super pumped about that one. So things are going good and moving along.

This past week we also did some service for this little old guy who has an orchard. He also raises rabbits and eats them. He has a ton of them. We were helping to feed them and there were two dead rabbits and then another two of them that weren't really moving very much. He said, well looks like they must have eaten something bad. So he picked them up and held them by their ears and then grabbed their feet and pulled in opposite directions and twisted breaking their spines and killed them. I was like, oh my heck what did I just watch. It was kinda weird, but funny at the same time because it was like no big deal to this guy.

So yesterday was the best day! I was super happy to see my family and talk with all of them. My Spanish is good now, so I think that's making the mission a little easier now that I'm not so stressed about the language. I love the people. My pension is the best. She takes good care of us. We spent a lot of time with her yesterday where all four of us skyped home to our families. While we each took our turn skyping, the rest of us just played games with Angie and her husband at the kitchen table. It was a nice and relaxing day.

Well, I hope you all have a good week. Happy late Mother's Day to all!

Elder Kaeson Baird


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