April 23, 2018


Chosica, Peru


Christian Aguirre

Week #36

Well, what a week!! I can't even believe that it is transfers again. It seems like I was just transferred to this area and met Elder Aguirre. I will be staying in Chosica, but will get a new companion. I can't remember his name though. lol I've been told he's super trunky and doesn't care to shower, so this will be fun. He only has two transfers left in the mission. Even though he has more time out they made me the senior companion. I'm excited to get to work and hopefully I can show him the meaning of S.T.U.D. Stand Tall Until Done. I'm happy with the change. There are four of us in a room and my companion and one of the other companions don't get along. They fight all the time and its super annoying. I want to flick them both in the eyeballs! I had to have a sit down with one of them because he just doesn't think before he speaks and causes all sorts of problems. Even our pension was getting irritated at all the arguing between the two of them.

This week we tried to find some new people to teach and we didn't really find anyone new. We have one baptism set up for next week though. We visited a girl who is a Seventh Day Adventist. We tried to teach her about the Sabbath day and how it's Sunday. It was a mess, she wouldn't accept what we had to say. It was kinda funny. We had a couple of good dinner appointments with some members this week too. On Saturday, we had what's called a Zone attack where each missionary goes with two to three members of the ward and you go tracking in the area. It was just me speaking to people, the two I was with were no help. So it was kinda crazy cause I still lack in the speaking Spanish part. Understanding I'm good, but getting certain words out I still have a problem with. Then late Saturday night we got a call at about 11 p.m. and they said you four missionaries have to give talks tomorrow in church. So that was great. I talked about the Book of Mormon. We had a large investigator family of 8 show up to church so that was super awesome. Other than that, a pretty simple week. The computers here don't work very good when I try to download pictures so I can only send a couple. But the pictures this week are of our church, which is pretty nice and dinner at an investigators house with all of us.

Take care everyone!


Elder Kaeson Baird


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