April 9, 2018


Chosica, Peru


Christian Aguirre

Week #34

Well dang, another week that just flew by super fast like boi you blink and this transfer is almost over! This week mmmm nothing even cool happened. It's very hard to get into people's house. We are teaching one girl. Randon things I saw this week were a kid with his head split open and I'm pretty sure I saw a lady that was dead laying ini the street. There were all sorts of cips around her and she wasn't moving. That was kinda weird. One cool thing is I found myself some KFC!!

I think in all honesty, I'm not sure I am really happy with how the mission is going right now. There is so much pressure from the MP and his two assistants on the baptism numbers. It seems to be only about the baptism numbers and not really the people and that kinda bugs me. Like, I get why we are here, but really? Missionaries drop investigators too quick in my opinion I think if they don't think they are progressing. My companion is kinda like me and he likes to talk and get to know people. Sometimes we talk too much, but an example is in my last area we baptized a family with two kids. Well my companion at that time said we needed to drop them because they weren't progressing and we didn't go back. Then when I was on exchanges with another Elder, he and I went back to that family and guess what? That family ended up choosing baptism. So I'm getting frustrated and I'm not sure how to deal with the pressure. I kinda think that maybe that is why the church made some changes to home teaching and stuff. It became a lot about being able to make a number that you did it and not about the true christ like service. I believe most people know and can feel if you just care about baptism or are just a number.

Sorry for a short email again. Hopefully, we can make something happen this week that's more exciting. I'm going to try and post a funny video of me and three other Elders in a taxi. The door next to me was literally going to fall off. I was scared for my life!
Elder Kaeson Baird


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