April 2, 2018


Chosica, Peru


Christian Aguirre

Week #33

Super good week!! After I emailed everyone last week on P-day, we went to this cool placed called Matucana. It was awesome and so green. We went on a hike up in the mountains and saw a awesome waterfall that was so cool. We hooked up with another district and I was able to see my first companion, Elder Smartt again! We had a lot of fun, great day.

We also had a baptism this week for a girl named Kati and she is 17. She was already being taught by my companion Elder Aguirre before I came to this area. It was good to experience another baptism though.

Our new Pensionista's name is Angie and she is super cool. She has a son who is serving a mission in the Ecuador, Guayaquil North mission. My dad served in the Guayaquil South Mission, so that's pretty cool. She is amazing and made it her goal to get me speaking more Spanish and gain confidence. It's like I am in school when I go to eat lunch and dinner at her house. She is pretty funny, but it is helping. She also comes to support me when I teach the English class at the church for the other ward members.

We got to watch conference this past weekend and holy cow I can't believe they are going to be building a temple in Russia. Who would have ever thought that would happen. So many cool changes. I'm sure everyone was super excited about the no more home teaching thing. haha

Other than that, a pretty chill week here in Chosica. I am loving the area. Easter was good for me as well, pretty much the same old day here, but the Easter bunny did find me and dropped off some eggs so I got to eat some chocolate and other hard candy. lol
Love you guys so much!

Elder Kaeson Baird


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