March 19, 2018


Chosica, Peru


Christian Aguirre

Week #31

Wow what a week if you ask me! It was really hard to leave my last area of Cieneguilla. I love the people so much there. It was so sad and I'm going to miss them so much. I got a call from almost everyone of the ward members telling me goodbye right before I left. I got fed from everyone of them too, I was soooo full! lol It was so good and I will miss them all. We were able to squeeze in a little more sight seeing last Monday on my P-day before I headed out the next morning. We visited an old abdandoned mine, found a mummy and all sorts of cool artifacts. I love this kind of stuff. Sad to leave.

When I left, I had one final picture with Elder Gibbons and then hoped on a bus with a few other missionaries and headed to the complete opposite end of my mission to Chosica where my new companion, Elder Aguirre was waiting.

My new area is dirt poor, like crazy poor. I love my new companion. He is super funny. He is from Colorado and has only about 4 months left of his mission. He only speaks Spanish to me because he can't speak English very good anymore. lol He has forgotten his English and sounds just like a Latino trying to speak English. Kinda funny, but this will be good for me. My apartment has 4 Elders in it. Elder Nelsen from Canada and Elder Malabot from the Philippines. This is the first time that I have shared an apartment with an additional companionship. Things are good so far.

The people here are super humble people. Our ward is tiny maybe about 80 members or so. Our area has tons and tons of hills. My legs are so sore. I have never been so sore from walking like this before. My legs are just hammered. My area is well known for flash floods. Super dangerous and it just so happens to be the beginning of the rainy season. So this should be fun. Usually the flash floods that happen here end up killing people and taking out their houses. It's crazy really. The water comes down from the valleys and just destroys everything in it's path, the people, homes, businesses. If anyone wants to google Pierola Huaycos and there are videos of the flash floods that happen in my area. We walk the paths where the water runs down. There is also a place in our area that is super sketchy. Lots of robbing and stuff, so if I have someone come up to me and try to rob me, I'm gunna beat them. haha

Have a great week everyone!
Elder Kaeson Baird


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