February 21, 2018


Cieneguilla, Peru


Zakary Gibbons

Week #27

Hey everyone!

Our P-day was a couple days later this week, I guess I should have warned my parents somehow so they didn't worry so much.

Today we go to go to the temple, which is always super cool. On our way to the temple, our bus driver got cut off so he decided to chase down the guy who cut him off with all of us still on the bus! He found him and parked the bus in the middle of the street and went and started to fight with this guy. Well, our bus driver lost the fight and came back all sorts of bloody. It looked like he got hit with a rock to the side of his head and was all cut up. It was kinda funny because neither of them knew how to fight, but whatever. The temple was awesome as usual.

This past Sunday was a little sad for me. We went to pick up one of our investigators, Marco Villanuava, and he pulled us aside and was like guys, my wife doesn't want me to be apart of this church, but I know it's true because I have never been so happy in my life, but she won't let me be baptized this Saturday. I was really sad because you become so attached to these people you teach and want what's best for them. We are going to continue to work with him and hopefully his wife will come around too. She usually hides from us when we visit. Marco is an amazing guy and he's told me before that he feels the spirit so strong when we come. He knows God put us in his path that day when we were doing service for someone else. He saw two greengos working and came over to us and it just so happened that his son is currently in Utah going to school and living with a Mormon family.

We still have a family of 4 that will be getting baptized this week, who are also amazing, so that will be cool.

I had an interview with my mission president yesterday which ended up being a really spiritual experience for me. I asked President Amato the question of why aren't we the same missionaries as the missionaries in the BOM? He replied that we are. So, then I asked why can't we heal people like they did back then in the BOM? President Amato went on to tell me of an experience of someone, he wouldn't tell me who, but I think it was him, that happened at a zone conference where President Eyring was speaking. Someone came up to President Eyring and asked him if he could run to the hospital and heal a little girl that was really sick and President Eyring said, no. I can't, but you have the same priesthood that I do and you can do just as I can and then he went on with his talk. Then he just stopped dead sentence and was looking straight up and everyone was just looking around like what was going on for like 3 minutes while President Eyring was just silent and looking up. After he finished his talk, he asked someone to take him and go and find the guy who asked him to go to the hospital and they found him. President Eyring said to the man, you are probably wondering why we are going now, but while I was talking I saw the heavens open up and Jesus came to me and said why didn't you go heal her, I would have and then he left. President Eyring and the guy left and he went and gave the girl a priesthood blessing and healed her from her sickness.

I want so badly to have those experiences here on my mission and President asked me if I had asked God for those experiences. I told him no, then he said, okay, get on your knees with me and you're going to ask him for them. I don't think I have ever cried or had such a spiritual experience like I did yesterday during a prayer. I want to learn and know more so badly, I'm just trying to figure out how to do that exactly.

That's all for this week!

Love you guys,


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