January 29, 2018


Cieneguilla, Peru


Zakary Gibbons

Week #24

It's transfer time again, but luckily I get to stay here for at least another six weeks with my companion and I couldn't be happier! We continue to have a great time here in Cieneguilla.

The baptism last Saturday with Daniel went well. The bishop here or another member of the ward usually performs the baptisms. They do that so then the new member has someone they feel close to and is their friend. Daniel was super excited to get baptized. We also have met another new investigator whose name is Matias. He loves the discussions and has already committed to baptism. I was super stoked about him, he's a good solid kid.

A couple of nights ago we called some of our investigators to see if we could come around 8 p.. to see them and they were like, we don't have a house anymore. So we were like, Oh man. We went by what was their house around 8 and everything was out on the street. I guess the owner of the land was losing a court battle and so he came into their house and destroyed it and broke almost everything and said to get out and then he destroyed the house too. So basically, they had everything taken away from them and have no house to live in. It was really sad. We tried our best to help them with what we could.

We spent many hours on the bus again traveling this week. There was a guy that was making fun of me because I couldn't pronounce a word. He was being a total jerk about it. Normally, I would have popped, but I just sat back and knew it wouldn't be worth it. Instead, my comp got ticked and had a few choice words of his own for him. It was pretty funny.

Last Monday we were able to go to the Waka ruins. It is so awesome and crazy cool....I love this kind of stuff. While were were exploring, I came across a dead body, well the remains of one. It is a body from the Inkas. I was freaking out. I saw some bones and just kept digging around and found hair, then a jaw bone, some cloth, and then more and more bones. It was CRAZY!!!!! I took a ton of pictures that hopefully, when I share, you guys can actually open them. For some reason, when I send photos nobody can open, so I will try to send them a different way today.

My dad has been asking me almost weekly if I have tried Qui yet. Well, yesterday it finally happened and you know what? It was soooooo amazingly good, I loved every bite. I was a little grossed out at first, but it was super good and tastes a little like rich chicken. It was very filling! Enjoy the pictures of that feast as well. We missed them killing the Qui by about 5 minutes, but we had to clean and gut them and prepare them for cooking. For those who don't know what Qui is, well it is a very very LARGE rat basically. After the guts are cleared out, then you boil all of those things and eat them too. Pretty much you eat the entire Rat.

Enjoy the pictures and have a great week!



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