May 22, 2020


Clarksville, TN


Elder Clayton

Quarantine slowly re-opens!

Big news! The church has begun to release missionary restrictions in our area. We have a long way to go, but we can begin teaching people at the church and have district meetings and exchanges in person. There is also hope of church on the horizon-and it can't come soon enough!

The highlight of the week was Savannah's baptism! It went really well. She had all of her friends from Dover (small town outside of Clarksville) come and Dover people are my favorite! I was so happy to see all my Dover friends and talk afterwords-that was such a super-sweet blessing after being in quarantine. The baptism itself was very spiritual. She had her sister and her sister's boyfriend bring her and at the end they felt the spirit so strong that they started crying-along with her teacher that she brought from her school as well. Consequently, we are actually able to start teaching the sister and her boyfriend because they felt the spirit. It was so awesome! When Savannah went up to bare her testimony, she bore her testimony about perfect timing and how she knew that the Lord sent Elder Clark and I into her lives at that perfect time. And that she is so grateful for the gospel. Even after the baptism, throughout the week she has been so positive and I know she is going to be an awesome member in the church. We are so excited for her!

We have two baptisms coming up; an ex-communicated member is on Saturday and we are really stoked for him!. And then we have Jacob on Monday and we are super excited for him.

One other story about the Lord's hand in our lives. We were driving and felt impressed to call Mark, because we can't visit in person unless we are able to meet outside. We asked him if he was home and then we had the inspiration to ask him if he wanted to meet elder Clayton in person who is new to the area. He said, yes, of course! So we drove over to meet him. Now, Mark has been a smoker since he was 16 and every time we have met with him, his wife was never present so I hadn't met her either. So, we got to meet Regina and He got to meet elder Clayton. We were able to sit down and teach a lesson about the Word of Wisdom. He has been so perfect, just blessed with the spirit and so ready-but he just needs to get rid of his smoking habit. Once he gets rid of that, he's there, ready to be baptized-that's the key. We were getting ready to read D&C 89 and while we were talking about it, his wife picks up the book and reads it and says, "oh Mark! you have to read this!" We continue to talk about how its a commandment from God to stop smoking and she encouraged him. The only time she was there for a lesson, she was able to stand by his side and say "I will help you through this and we will work through this together!" Then he said, "I believe this is a commandment of God and I want to stop smoking, so I'm going to do this!" Reflecting on the situation, I was so grateful to see the hand of the Lord, knowing that this was the right moment to call and go visit Mark so his wife could be there. And now Regina wants to meet with us and be there through this whole process as well. It was just awesome! Mark has expressed the desire to be baptized multiple times, he just needs to quit smoking so it was so great to have his wife's support. I believe he has been prepared and this is his time. It has been awesome to see the hand of the Lord in Mark's life as he has developed a love for the gospel and a desire to leave smoking behind! We are going to keep working with him for sure!

This week I am grateful for the perfect timing of the hand of the Lord for Savannah and her sister, her sister's boyfriend and her teacher, for the upcoming baptisms on Saturday and Monday, for Mark and his wife and for beginning to open the quarantine. For so many, the time is now!

Thank you for your support!
Hope you are all healthy and starting to enjoy a little freedom from quarantine-I know I will!

Love, Elder Williams


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