May 8, 2020


Clarksville, TN


Elder Clayton

Bring on the Reassigned Elders!

Hey Folks!

Another week in quarantine! Daily runs are keeping me sane because it's fresh air away from the apartment and the computer. Well, this week on my run, I met a guy named Kamar and he is awesome! When I saw him I stopped and talked to him (my comp was watching from a distance). From talking to him I learned that he was in the army and then we talked about what I do which led to a conversation about the Book of Mormon. Unfortunately he is headed out to Virginia soon. But the next couple days he found me out running because he said that's where he knows he can find me in the morning. After a few morning conversations, I went out for my morning routine and I saw him leaving and I called out to my companion to get me a Book of Mormon. So he booked it upstairs and retrieved a copy. I ran it to Kamar and he said, "Hey, is this the book?" and I said, "yes" and he replied, "Hey, I'll give this a read!" He then said, "Hey, me and my army buddies and are going up in the hills to do wind sprints and work-outs, do you want to come with us?" I wanted to SO bad, but I declined. But it was pretty cool that you can still make friends just by doing your daily routine. That is the best way to do missionary work, just make friends and be proud of the name you represent, our Savior Jesus Christ. I have loved the ability to make friends with God's children out here. Everyone needs a friend or a friendly smile-especially with the Quarantine right now. And you would be how surprised how many people will invite you into their friend group to work out with them!

The news this week is we just received our first group of reassigned missionaries and I scored with one! My new companion is Elder Clayton from the Boise area (Mountain View). He is 6'8" and super chill. He's a transfer from Mexico, San Pueblo South mission. He's so noticeably tall that we were stopped on our way to the church by someone who insisted he resembled a basketball player. In the end it got us a return appointment so it's going to be great!

My favorite thought for the week is "Those who move forward with a happy spirit will find that things always work out"-Gordon B. Hinckley

Take Care and Be a Friend!
Elder Williams


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