February 6, 2020


Clarksville, TN


Elder Clarke

God Bless America!

I don’t know that I have mentioned that we are next to a military base, Fort Campbell, KY. It’s epic! This week we were riding bikes and three massive tanks drove by us. Two days ago we had dinner with a Green Barrett. Today,
for p-day my companion and I got a private tour of the military base. When we arrived, the tour guide
(a member in the ward) started talking and then his eyes got big and he said, “we are in luck boys, we
have a simulation today!” He took us into this room that had a huge pool and we stood five feet from it.
As the men came in, we got to talk to them and they said they were doing a simulation on a helicopter
crashing into the ocean while being shot down in an air fight in the middle of a hurricane at night. They took a helicopter that was attached to a wire with all the guys in it and dropped it into the water. It immediately flipped upside down because there is more weight on the top of the helicopter. There were three foot waves bouncing up and over, huge thunder and gun shots and the lights went pitch black. The only thing giving light were the lightning strikes. These guys were completely underwater and had to figure a way out. If they didn’t they would become unconscious and possibly die and they would have to bring them back to life with CPR-which they said they have had to do before. They said they haven’t lost a guy before but it could happen. It was so amazing to be right there witnessing the whole thing!
There aren’t as many members here so they really stick together. They love having us over and are great to come to our class and welcome investigators. Right now we have three investigators on date to be baptized within the next month and another one that wants to be but is working through an addiction problem. We get to be on the front lines witnessing and helping them make life changes and overcome addictions to come to know their Savior and make eternal commitments. Last Sunday Mark, one of the people we are teaching, was sitting by us and said he wanted to bear his testimony so I said I would go up first and he came after me and then Elder Clarke went after him. Mark bore his testimony on the church and how he believed this church to be the true church and that he has been studying churches for awhile and knew this one to be true. He announced to the ward during his testimony that he wants to be baptized a member! He also bore his testimony on missionaries-that was cool for us. Also, Azon (Big Momma’s son) is set to be baptized in a week and a half. These two are close to me because I have been with them since the first discussion.
I do want to amp up the ward activities here though, to help with the ward spirit and have more opportunities to bring investigators. We could all use a little more fun in life!

If any of you are looking for great talks, some of my go-to’s these past few months are:
“Good things to come” by Jeffrey R. Holland
“Chose this day” by Henry B. Erying
“Reflections”, “Like a Broken Vessel”, “The Refiner’s Fire” and “Hope of God’s light”
As for pictures, we also were able to tour where they hid the atomic bombs like the one for Hiroshima (although there is still too much radiation to go in), so that is a couple pictures (hard to tell in the one but it's tucked back into the trees in a bunker). At one point Fort Campbell had over 1/3 the atomic bombs that the US had in storage. Then just lots of sweet military stuff with us crazy missionaries. Another picture with Elder Clarke and I by a cool looking fish mailbox.
Thank you for all of the support!
Love, Elder Williams


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