January 13, 2020


Moncada, Paniqui


Elder Godinez


Well, this week I would just like to say something about being humble. I think we all know that the opposite of being humble is being prideful, but there is something that I learned on my mission that got highlighted this week.

It might be possible to be too humble to the point of discouragement. I am sure all of us have thought at some point that we are not good enough or don't know what we are doing. This is a point where we need to realize that this is not our work, but God's work! He is the one that will bring success to us if we are humble enough to trust in him, but also have enough confidence and faith to realize that we are the not the reason when we are not finding success. It requires finding a balance between faith and doubt.

That is what happened this week as I was allowing Elder Godinez to lead our area. A couple of times all of our appointments fell through, and he started to get discouraged. Each time I pointed out that we had done all of the planning and preparation that we were supposed to do. We did our part, and then we just had to trust that God would guide us. Each time we continued on, we found new people to teach. We were able to find 3 new families that the spirit is super strong as we teach them as a full family. One new family, the Father of the family was even listening -- which is pretty rare in the Philippines! God has prepared families to be the place where we learn about him and how to make it back to him, so as we teach a full family the spirit is so much stronger than in any other setting!

I loved it this week, and I was able to give a talk on Sunday about following God's commandments because we love Jesus Christ! It was an amazing way to end off the week.

Well, hopefully we can stay in the middle of being prideful and feeling weak and always be humble to accept God's will! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Years and are ready to learn with your families about the Book of Mormon!

Love you guys!
- Elder Klein


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