December 16, 2019


Moncada, Paniqui


Elder Godinez

The Gift of the Book of Mormon

We had an amazing week again as we are continuing to Light the World through Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, Elder Maravilla left us this week. He is actually on an airplane going to America right now to have a white Christmas!

We were able to visit the parents of one of the kids we have been teaching. He has been coming to church for 1 month straight. We went caroling to their house a while back, and we were able to give them a present -- which was a Book of Mormon, wrapped up. This week we went back to their house and to ask them about it and they were able to share their light. His Mom had been reading it and sharing it with her family that was there. Also, their Uncle wanted to be able to come to the Special Sacrament on Sunday with his family because of their example! The best part was that she remembered everything about the story of Laban and how Nephi followed the commandments and so she was sharing that story with her family!

I love Christmastime and the joy and desire to share about Christ during this season. I hope that you can be like this young mother and help your family learn more about Christ through the book of mormon and share the joy of this to others! I love you all and hope we can all truly Light the World!

- I got some new shoes, belt, and ties

Elder Klein


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