November 25, 2019


Moncada, Paniqui


Elder Maravilla

Do what God Directs each Day

This week was an amazing week because we had a perfect Zone Conference, which was focused on our closeness to God. Most of the previous Zone Conferences were focused on how to improve our numbers by working smarter, but this time we discussed how we truly need to come closer to God through sincere prayer and study, because sometimes we are trying too hard to achieve goals and we forget that all we need to do is what God directs us to do each day. It really makes everything more happy, full of the spirit, and fulfilling when you are able to do what he wants. The hard part is accepting that the Lord's goals and plans might be different than what you planned, and you just need to be super excited and do your best to still do that plan.

The best example is Jesus Christ, when he said, "Take this cup from me" or if there is any other plan that I can take, please let me do that plan. When He knew that it was the only way, he accepted it willingly and achieved it perfectly!

We also learned how to get closer to God and the Holy Ghost through prayer. I tried something new this week. I decided that in the morning, instead of praying at my bed, I would pray at my desk where I am more focused, and truly open up my heart to God. Then at night, I am able to go outside in the grass in front of our house where no one can see me and recount my day to the Lord! Then I repent and try to slowly improve through Jesus Christ! I have noticed that when I do this, the Lord is with me in the work, and we see miracles and blessings that we didn't see before.

I love President Johnson and all of his help. As I have been praying this week I have seen the blessings. We had many people come to church this week that I have been praying for! I would invite you this week to look at your prayers and notice if you are truly opening your heart to Him every night. I noticed that changing the location of prayers can make a difference.

- We were also able to do a service project weeding an area for planting some really cool plants.

- I was able to go on exchanges with the Zone Leader Elder Severson this week and it was super awesome. I love meeting new people that truly have a desire to change their lives for Jesus Christ because I can feel the joy that they are gaining in their lives!

I love all of you guys and give a special shout out to my new niece, baby Lenora!!!

- Elder Klein


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