October 7, 2019


Moncada, Paniqui


Elder Bird

More Missionaries = More Miracles

Hello everyone! This week was a little crazy because we had some exchanges and a District meeting. Then on Saturday President Johnson called us in the morning and said, "We are moving two new missionaries into your house today!" Fortunately, we had prepared a little bit for them to show up, so we kind of knew how we were going to split up the area. They are super awesome! We got Elder Hall and Elder Finch in the house with us! They are both from Idaho. Elder Finch has only been in the field for 3 weeks, and Elder Hall got here in the batch before I did. It is super awesome, and we are all Americans! It is a little different because all of my companions before Elder Bird have been Filipino, and now I am with all Americans. We all get along really well and work hard!

The ward is super excited and has been ready for a long time for 4 missionaries. I told them that now we can actually handle all of the referrals. They got super excited and decided that each family was going to write on a paper like 2-3 referrals. Everyone is so unified here in the work of God!

We were a little sad though this week because the Mom of the Repalda family that was doing super good, had to move to Manilla in order to work to get enough money for her family. Hopefully she can go to church in Manilla. One of her kids quit his job in Manilla on Saturdays and Sundays just to be able to come to church with his wife, so it was pretty awesome also!

Mainly, I have just been showing Elder Hall around our area and making sure he knows all of the progressing investigators that we have. Elder Hall and Elder Finch will now be teaching two of our investigators that are getting ready to be baptized in October and November, so they are pretty excited. Elder Bird and I are also excited, because we will have more time to work in specific areas and have more time to just love the people so much more! We were hoping to get back on track next week, but we have so many meetings and General Conference, so we will see how it goes!

Love all of you guys, and remember to just love everyone because it brings so much joy to this world!

-Elder Klein


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