September 9, 2019


Moncada, Paniqui


Elder Bird

Biking with the Bishop

Well you have the good weeks and then there are weeks where you are a little bit stressed ...haha. I was a little bit stressed this week worrying about getting 4 people ready for baptism while still trying to make sure that we are finding and helping others to be ready in October. But, as we worked hard we saw so many blessings! At least it was a pretty good reason to be a little bit stressed. I have been trying to make changes and find ways to overcome that so I can be 100% consecrated to the Lord always. I have been reminded, like so many other times, just to rely on the Lord when you are doing your best and not worry about it!

One of the best experiences this week is that we were able to take the Bishop out to work with us. He has a nice bike, so we were just riding around on our bikes talking with people. We showed him a bunch of the people we were teaching and we found a member that just moved into our ward that lives really far away and doesn't know where the church is. It was great to have his testimony and especially the love he has as a bishop for all of the people in Moncada! Then on Sunday when we had our meeting with all of the Leaders, and Bishop was super excited. He was like, " This family needs the Relief Society President to stop by. That family needs the Elders Quorum to go visit them. Oh yeah, and on Sunday this families' Mom has a birthday, so we should go do a family home evening with them." It really united the ward so strong! It is so awesome to see God's Kingdom here on earth working together to bring everyone unto him!

Love you all!!
-Elder Klein


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