August 19, 2019


Moncada, Paniqui


Elder Bird

How Great Shall Be Your Joy

The best thing that explains my week is Alma 36: 24, 25, 27! I have truly labored and given my heart to the Lord that I could bring even 1 soul unto God. And to taste of the exceeding joy that I feel through this gospel and through all of the trials and afflictions, God has truly guided me through it all! I have seen so many blessings and miracles as I have just turned to Him. Through all of these blessings and miracles, 2 amazing people were able to enter into the straight and narrow path through baptism this week! The spirit was so strong and I am so grateful to even be able to participate in the work of the Lord!

Brother Jefferson was the first person that came to church the first week I arrived in Paniqui, and he referred his friend, Sister Justine. They have truly showed their faith and repented. It was so great to hear Sister Justine's testimony as she sheepishly said that she had not been the best older sibling. But, through her testimony and repentance she has truly seen so many changes. I was so close to tears seeing this change.

It was extra special because we were able to bring one of our other investigators to the baptisms. I noticed him in the back of the room, and he was crying and said he felt the spirit so strong! I love how true this is!

We also, got to go to another amazing Zone Conference where we received so much more inspiration about building trust and loving the people! I am so happy every time I get to teach someone with the spirit, and I know that God will work miracles in their lives even if they aren't able to be baptized at this time! Like it says in verse 25, the Lord has given me so much joy in the fruit of my Labors. I am so excited to share his plan with everyone! I know that this is the truth and we all just need to share this knowledge and joy with everyone! I love all of you guys and am so grateful that we can be a family for eternity!!!

Sa Zone Conference natuto kami kung bakit dapat ngumiti tayo palagi at ipakita sa mga tao ang kagalakan dito sa Ebanhelyo ni JesuKristo dahil kinakatawan natin Si JesuKristo pagkatapos ang binyag natin!

(At the Zone Conference we learned why we should smile always and show people the joy of this Gospel of Jesus Christ because we represent Jesus Christ after our baptism!)

-Elder Klein


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