January 16, 2019


Santa Lucia, Mabalacat


Elder Ronte

Elder Holland visits to dedicate the new temple

First, we were able to do a service project. We helped a lady move into a new house that was close by. We had to put all of her cabinets and couches on a little cart that was attached to a motorcycle, and then hold them down while we drove the short distance to the new house. I was grateful for the opportunity to serve, and it helped me to increase my charity towards others here.

We also, went to Mabalacat twice this week. First, we needed to get medicine for Elder Ronte's Asthma. Then, his foot happened to get infected from Athlete's foot, so we had to buy some antibacterial medicine for that. Luckily, the Mission nurse told him to soak his foot in salt water and it went away in like 2 days. That was an interesting experience. Afterwards, we were able to teach many of our investigators this week. I am so grateful every time to see them growing and see the light of Jesus working in their lives. One of the things we learned that helps build someones faith to the point of action is through the examples and experiences of others, so that is something we can all do -- share our experiences to increase others faith through testimony.

We had the amazing opportunity of hearing from Elder Holland, because he is here in the Philippines to dedicate temple. He held a multi-stake conference. As he talked with his powerful enthusiasm that Elder Holland has, I learned so much about how we can prepare this dispensation for the coming of Jesus Christ. One powerful sentence he said is that if before the meeting was over we all had turned unto Christ, the second coming could happen before the meeting was over. That did not happen, but I realized how important it is to prepare the people for the coming of Jesus Christ and to always "Come follow him" like the new program in the church. In conclusion, he talked about how he believed the greatest attribute of Jesus was his obedience to always do the will of the Father, and that he cannot teach anything to the missionaries if they are not obedient to the rules of the mission. I am so excited to see how being more obedient can help me with all of the rest of the attributes that a missionary acquires on the mission. Lastly, we had a short interview with the mission president, and he has helped us so much in this area.

- The mangos are finally starting to get ripe and they are soooooo delicious! I got to try one for the first time since being here and hearing all of the tales from other missionaries about how good they are in the Philippines

- I ate salted shrimp, and I thought it was corned beef so I shoved a whole spoonful in my mouth. It tasted like when the wave from the ocean goes down your throat

- The Older Sister I sent a picture of last week finished the whole triple combination. She was so excited, and we celebrated with her

- The multi-stake conference was in Mabalacat, which is pretty expensive to get there, so we weren't expecting any of our investigators to be able to make it. When we got there, all of a sudden one of them tapped Elder Ronte on the shoulder, and it was awesome to see that their faith had exceeded the cost!

Salita ni Elder Holland
kailangan nating ihanda ang Kanyang mga tao para sa Kanyang darating dito sa mundo. mga pamilya natin ang unang hakbang sa pamamagitan ng magiging Family Centered Home!

(Elder Holland's words
we must prepare His people for His coming here on earth. Our families are the first step by becoming Family Centered Home!)

Love you all!

-Elder Klein


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