December 31, 2018


Santa Lucia, Mabalacat


Elder Ronte

Bring on the New Year

This week was a little bit different than any other week because the first two days I spent at the Christmas Conference and calling my family. It made me super happy and motivated for this week, but unfortunately my companion Elder Ronte got sick afterwards, from Wednesday night until Friday. I wasn't able to work for about 5 days, so I basically cooked food for my companion, cleaned the house, read a lot of the Book of Mormon in Tagalog, and did language study. I also built the puzzle that Grandpa and Grandma sent for Christmas, sewed one of the buttons back on my shirt, shined my shoes, and then did some fun stuff with Elder Ronte to try to make him happy through his sickness. We played some chess, I taught him how to do a rubix cube, we made a plan for how we are going to work together next year, and other stuff like that. Although, we weren't able to work very much I learned two amazing things this week!

First, I learned about the importance of having a good attitude. The first two days that we weren't able to work I started feeling sad for myself that I wasn't able to do what I needed to, but this just made things worse. What I was able to discover, is that if you decide to change and choose to have a good attitude no matter what the circumstance, then it can become fun. And, you can accomplish a lot even if it is not what you expected. I was able to use this idea, even after Elder Ronte got better. I decided to give 100% to be happy about everything that we were doing even if at first I didn't think that I would enjoy it. What happened surprised me, because those things that I didn't think I would enjoy at first became fun for me and others around me.

Second, the last two days as we went to work again I felt the countenance of a missionary come back to me. This helped me realize how important it is to always be working throughout the day, because I literally can feel my countenance change as we give all of our time to the Lord and bringing others to him.

Lastly, I am so excited for this New Year and setting new goals as a missionary because this is the only year that I will be a missionary for the entire year, so I am hoping I will be able to achieve them. Anyways, I love everyone and hope you had an amazing Christmas, and I want to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

- We did a cool maze activity where we were all blindfolded. Our companions had to lead us through the maze to different checkpoints, but they had to stay in the middle of the maze. We had to only listen to their voices over all the voices of the other missionaries.

- The temperature was a little bit cool here at least for the Filipinos. They were all wearing jackets, but for me it felt like a nice spring day, or a day in Parawon during the summer.

- I am so grateful for all of the awesome pictures and videos that you sent. It was awesome to see everyone so happy and having fun during Christmas! I wish I also had a video of all of the kids receiving their glow sticks. They thought it was really awesome. I don't think they have glow sticks here because they didn't know how to make them light up. Even my companion didn't know how to do it... haha. They were amazed and super happy that I brought them a present.

ang lesson natutunan ko sa linggo na ito
ang attitude ninyo ay sobrang importante upang magiging masaya sa lahat na pagsubok at bagong mga karanasan. kung magkakaroon ng tiwala kayo kay Jesukristu tapos binibigay ninyo lahat na effort ninyo, kahit ano ginigawa ninyo ay magiging masaya

(the lesson I learned this week is that your attitude is very important to be happy with all the trials and new experiences. If you have faith in Jesus Christ and give all your efforts, whatever you do will be happy)

- Elder Klein


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