December 17, 2018


Santa Lucia, Mabalacat


Elder Ronte

OYM (Open Your Mouth)

This week has been so joyful as we have worked on our new Goal of talking with everyone. At the beginning of the week the Zone Leader gave a workshop on the Blueprint of Faith that he and I had built together on our exchanges, so I was able to help a lot. Afterwards Elder Ronte and I made a Blueprint of Faith to increase our faith and courage to talk with everyone. As we committed to this challenge and really tried to increase and show our faith, we have been blessed so much.

We decided visit a new area and found an old inactive member that said she hadn't seen the missionaries in that area for like 2 years. She was super excited we had come, and she took us around and introduced us to all of her friends. Also, we were able to find 2 other families that were super nice, and have heard of The Church of Jesus Christ. This has really helped me realize that as we follow our leaders we will be blessed. As the Lord always says in the Book of Mormon, 'if you follow my commandments you will prosper in the land'. I always thought this was referring to the commandments and guidance of the prophets, but I have realized that Mission Presidents, Bishops and others have the keys over their ward and mission. It is just as important to heed their direction and guidance, and you will be blessed just like they were in the Book of Mormon.

Lastly, as we tried to talk to everyone that we saw along our way when we weren't teaching, it made me feel like I was actually using ALL of my time given to the Lord. Instead of using our walking time for thinking about other things, I was only focused on Gathering Scattered Israel. Although I felt more tired at the end of the day, I also felt more happy through the joy of missionary work!

- I cooked my first successful Filipino meal on Alex's birthday to commemorate his amazing cooking skills.

- I bought a little ice cream cone, but they are weird here because they are wrapped in paper, so as I was trying to remove the paper all of a sudden it exploded and chocolate ice cream sprayed all over me and my companion. We had to go back and change because it looked like we rolled in mud. haha

- We were preparing dinner one night, and then suddenly my companion screeched and a huge rat like the size of a grapefruit flew across the counter and went down the water drain. My first reaction was to turn on the garbage disposal, but then I realized I was in the Philippines and they don't have them here.

- One of the members baked us a chocolate mousse cake and it was so yummy

- We hung up our mini stocking for Christmas this next week!

Laging isipin tungkol sa ginagawa ninyo ang will ng Diyos at kayo ay maramdaman ang Kanyang pag-ibig para sa inyo. Maramdaman din ninyo mas masaya araw araw.

(Always think about doing the will of God and you will feel His love for you. You will also feel happier every day.)

- Elder Klein


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