August 7, 2018


Manilla Philippines MTC


Elder Gartner


This week has been one of the most amazing weeks of my life! We also have our P-days on Wednesday now for the next three weeks.

It started when over 100 missionaries from the Provo MTC showed up and guess who also came! The Deans! I was sitting in the cafeteria, and they randomly showed up and it was so awesome to see someone I kind of new. I was able to talk to them for a little bit before I had to go to class.

We started learning the Grammer of Tagalog and everything is starting to come together. I can make so many sentences now. Also, we had many of the Filipino Elders come over at night time and they talked with us and taught us some Tagalog which was really helpful. They are all so awesome. We had our first fast Sunday this week and I felt the spirit so strong. I was able to teach a lesson on hope, which is one of my favorite Christ-like attributes and what I realized is it is going to be so awesome when we get to heaven and we can stand guiltless before God. I also realized how giving others hope can bring them so much joy in their life.

Next we got to try Balut! I was so excited! Everyone was really nervous to eat it, but our whole district was able to eat the whole duck. It looked so gross if you seperated it from the yolk, but it was so good. It was kind of like an egg but it had a lot more flavor especially when you dip it in the vinegar. I wish you guys could all try it.

Lastly, I had two amazing experiences this week. First, I was teaching one of my mock investigators I decided to rely on the spirit during that lesson. My investigator (Sister Digna) told us that she felt a heavy burden because she needed to repent of her sins. All of a sudden the Holy Ghost hit me so strong and even though she was not a real investigator I felt so much love for her and I was able to share my testimony even though I didn't even really know Tagalog and share the scripture of when Alma the younger repented. After the lesson I felt so energized and excited for when I can help real people to feel the Holy Ghost and know the amazing blessings of this gospel.

Second I was starting to get pretty tired everyday, and so I decided to have energy throughout the day and so everytime I would start to get tired I would remember my prayer and instantly get filled with the amazing energy that makes me feel like I can run a marathon! I love this gospel and the amazing blessings in store.

Some little things that also happened:
- I bought a mini hymn book

- I got a package from the Dean's that has some cool Filipino food and a nice umbrella and I am so grateful.

- I figured out I had the equation for Fahrenheit to Celsius in my notebook

- The gym was closed because they had to have meetings in the gym because there were so many people from provo, so I got pretty good at ping pong

- My companion Elder Gartner loves working out so we have been doing some interesting work outs lately and I am always sore.

- As soon as the Provo missionaries got here we had pizza, fried chicken, cereal, hash browns, eggs, pancakes, chicken wings, and orange chicken. They didn't even get to try Filipino food.

Thank you guys for all of the letters and my family for the little notes that I am still finding in my luggage!

Elder Klein


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