July 6, 2020


Carpenteria, Illinois


Elder Harrison

There can be miracles

If you belieeeeve.

Fun miracle happened this week.Actually 2.In one day.So we had a zone meeting to set some goals and stuff but right after we had to race to the bishops storehouse to do some service and so we skipped lunch. And after working at the bishops storehouse until 4pm then add on an hour drive we were super hungry and my comp had skipped breakfast so he was feeling super weak. Then out of nowhere a sister from the ward called us and said, "So elders I need you to pass by my house and pick up some food I made for you". That was a miracle plus is was SO GOOD. THEN we passed by the house of this guy we are teaching to see if we could find him because he totally disappeared for two weeks, and he totally just riding his bike right where we parked. He told us he's stilling reading the scriptures and hasn't been drinking! To top it all off we got back into the car and my phone connected and started playing the song "There can be miracles, if you believe " and it was literally perfect.Thanks for listening to my Ted talk.In other news I made a dope video about the atonement of Jesus Christ. We're working with a fun lady named Alma and she is super energetic. We're teaching her English as well as the good word of God! Welp, all is well in carpentersville


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