June 22, 2020


Carpenteria, Illinois


Elder Harrison

The Work is Hastening

What a week!
This week was super different because our new companion is one of the tech elders in the mission that is over directing the video shoots and stuff so we're all over the mission with him! One of his cool privileges is that he has a camera drone to make cool videos. "¿BUT WHAT ARE THE VIDEOS FOR?" You might be wondering.I'm so glad you asked!Due to the covid19 pandemic we have been presented with a new challenge for doing the work of the lord, BUT that will not stop the work. In fact the removal of going outside has done quite the opposite. Time and time again we are promised that the lord is Hastening His Work! And I have seen that promise in action! Our monthly baptism goal is HIGHER than it has ever been. So what happened?Technology!Never in the past have we had this much technology and every missionary in the field trying new ways to hasten the work with said technology! So we've seen that not only has the work not stopped, we've seen that we can reach out to SO MANY MORE PEOPLE without even leaving the apartment.So the videos! What about the videos? I'm sure you're asking right about now.We've found the best way to get people's attention and interest and interact with them is through videos that we post on our many Facebook pages. People interested in our message don't even have to leave their home and just send us a message and we set up video or phone calls and share messages!The lord's work cannot be stopped and will not be stopped until the second coming. And now with the technology and the perfect situation we've been able to see the new way the lord has prepared for us to share his gospel.Now Elder Mikolajcik... you've gotten me so excited and now I want to do something too, what do I do? I'm glad you asked!Share your local missionaries Facebook page with your friends! Or maybe a video that speaks to you, or a quote, or a scripture. And if you want to be more interactive with the work reach out to the missionaries and see if they have any lessons you could join!
Whoa woah woah justin that was a lot
YahI know
But it's TRUE

And in other news... Chicago is dope! The pizza is good, the hot dogs are good, God loves us, and Jesus does too.
We taught some people in person which was fun. Our mission is leading the world in Facebook and stuff. Miracles happen every day. Here are some cool pics from this week!!!


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