June 15, 2020


Carpenteria, Illinois


Elder McCauley

Dear Diary

It has occurred to me that with the addition of smartphones my weekly email won't be so dang R U S H E D. Who knows it might even be interesting this time.

So yeah, I'm on an airplane flying into the future. In the airport terminal the planes are landing. Um so basically I'm back in business and they're sending me to chicago if you didn't previously know. For you cool kids that did previously know,calm down, you're not <i>that</i> cool.
So I'm opening an area, my comp is elder Harrison. Most importantly when we got our car it said that it is named Karen.
So Yeah we're Facebook missionaries. We do all of our finding on Facebook and we also call members and stuff. We also make cool videos for our facebook page.
We also got two new investigators from the hermanas that were covering our area a little while back. They're super cool and progressing in the gospel.
Our investigator José told us that when he reads the book of mormon his urges to fall into temptation calm down! That's pretty neat.
Also we're getting a third comp tonight! One of the technology elders named elder Atkinson are gonna join us. Its gonna be a heck of a time.
But ya I'm in carpentersville Illinois and were part of a Spanish branch here.
I'm getting back into the grind and the mindset.
Here are things to look @
Also deep dish pizza is very neat.
And we found the quaran in our apartment
Peep this zone conf squad pic


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