December 24, 2019


San Pedro de Jujuy


Elder Marsh

"Feliz Navidad" "No"

Hola Mis Queridos, Cómo le van? This weeks quote of the week was when I was passing out Christmas Pass Along cards and I offered one to some random lady on the street and said Feliz Navidad, then she said, and I quote "No"

Funny of the week: So we were trying to find an interested person that we had been teaching and we instead found her uncle and family party and they were all drunk, then we got offered wine. He said "Vos Queres Este?" Then my companion then asked him if he was Malena ́s (the girl we are teaching) Dad or Mom. It was so funny because he was already drunk and we just confused him more.

Spiritual thought of the week: So this week I realized the true power of exact obedience. We were trying extra hard to be exactly obedient with this new transfer and then we went out contacting and only had to contact 3 housed until we found Marcos, who is a super capo. (capo means like awesome or dope) He had a ton of good questions and seemed excited to read the Book of Mormon.

Elder Marsh is my new companion. He is from Bountiful Utah and if i could describe him in one word it is "Chill". He's a puro capo. And were gonna do great things this transfer. He has 17 months and still is not burnt which is really awesome.

My new favorite saying is"Tranquilo Papito"
if yall want to send me letters:

Los Eucaliptus
754400 Salta
Salta Argentina

Here be some pics - my apartment & my new area, Christmas, & a sister who is going on a mission from here


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