October 14, 2019


Salvador Mazza, Argentina


Elder Billings

"Motos and Perros" - on to Wk 3

Justin called us really late today, because he was struggling with the computer & his headset, no USB drive. He'll have to get a different set up for the future, but in the mean time, he borrowed his companion's things after he talked to his family. So he didn't get much time to email, because he was working with his computer that wouldn't work.

Here is the email he sent with some highlights from our conversation below...
Heeellloooo friends and fam
This week was hot and pretty tough, but way more rewarding.We got 3 baptismal dates. I got to baptize a kid in the ward named Luke. We have lunches with members daily and they feed us soooo much. My space bar is kinda broken on this computerIdont have a ton of time so ttylits been 105 degrees or more every day
Elder Mikolajcik

He told us that it is typically 115 degrees in the summer. It is spring there (105 degrees), and they are heading into the summer. He said he actually doesn't mind the heat though. He and his companion have had a "mini missionary" with them lately, which has been great. This 18 year old native from Argentina is the younger brother of the Branch President & he is just waiting to receive his mission call!!

The title... Motos & Perros... apparently there are tons of motorcycles & dogs!! They saw a family of 4 on a motorcycle the other day, and that is very common. He enjoys eating "Grito"/"Helado"/ice cream at night. He says if there is any wind, the power goes out. He says the border of Bolivia is 3 minutes from his house.

He is working hard. He loves the work, even though it is the hardest thing he's ever done. He was all smiles as he told us all about his experiences during the week. We are able to all talk to him together as a family on Google Hangout, which is so fun (Jodi & Zach in Utah; Jocelyn & Fletcher in California; Juliana & Taylor in Utah; John & Jake in California...& I am in Utah this week...I love the technology) . He is able to ask for tips from everyone of things that helped them to be successful missionaries. I love to listen to all of his siblings & their spouses give him helpful ideas!!

Thank you for your prayers & support, he is working hard & doing well.

(pics...his first baptism, a cat, the meat they ate at lunch last P-day at the church building with the other missionaries in his area)


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