October 7, 2019

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Jennifer Mikolajcik

We got to talk to Justin from Argentina today!!

Justin left the Mexico City CCM on Mon, Sept 30th around noon & flew to Panama. Then he flew from Panama to Buenos Aires, Argentina arriving on Tues, Oct 1st. His Mission President took some of the pictures of him arriving! Wed, Oct 2nd he had training & dinner with the Mission President in the Mission Home. Thurs, Oct 3rd he met his 1st Companion in Argentina...Elder Cameron Billings from Peoria, Illinois. Then they took a 7 hour bus (collectivo) ride to his area, which is Salvador Mazza, just 10 minutes from the Bolivia border. He said one bus was nice & the other one was sketchy.

Today we got a chance to talk to him! He sounds great! After they arrived on Thursday, he got a little settled Friday and then they watched General Conference Saturday & Sunday (like the rest of us...9-11am, 1-3pm both days). He was able to watch the of the sessions in the Branch President's office in English, which he appreciated, because he watched the 1st session in Spanish, and he just doesn't have the language down enough yet for more than 2 hours of solid Spanish concentrating!

They get up at 7am & go to bed at 11pm. Their days are full and he has been pretty tired, which is typical. It will get easier day by day. He says people say his Spanish is actually pretty good. He says the Argentina taxi drivers drive crazy, there are no rules. His apartment (pension) is nice. They have a cat who comes to their porch & they give it milk. They have lunch with the members every day.

Everyone in Argentina has a "siesta" daily in the afternoon. The missionaries use that time for personal scripture & language study. He appreciates everyone's support and prayers for him. He is safe & well, and adjusting to mission life & to Argentina!! He will email normally on Mondays, which are his P-day (preparation day). Today he traveled 2 hours to Tortugalo to email at one of the church buildings there because they had a gathering for all of the Missionaries there with food. He would love emails and letters. He will write a group email weekly, which he sends out to a group & I send out to a 2nd group! He only has the 1 day to shop, do laundry, clean their apartment, communicate with family & friends and get totally ready for the week, so if you don't get much response, that is why. :)

Thank you again family & friends!!
-Jennifer Mikolajcik (Mom)

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