October 3, 2019

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Mission President Orquera

Elder Mikolajcik Arrival - Week 1 in Argentina!


Dear Family,
Hermana Orquera and I had the great opportunity to welcome your missionary, Elder Mikolajcik, to the Argentina Salta Mission. We picked him up from the airport when he arrived, and afterwards he joined us in the mission office with the other missionaries to be welcomed to the mission, receive training, enjoy a meal, and conclude with a testimony meeting. The next day Elder Mikolajcik met his first companion, Elder Cameron Billings, from Peoria, Illinois, who is an excellent missionary. They will be working in the area of Salvador Mazza in the Province of Salta.

Serving a mission is a marvelous experience, full of challenging and successful periods that strengthen the testimony and the spirituality of each missionary. The best support that the family can give to their missionary is to write edifying letters regularly. Missionaries anxiously await every letter from their families. You can write your missionary by email, or you can send letters or packages to the following address:

Elder Mikolajcik
Misión Argentina Salta
Los Eucaliptos 75
Salta, Salta 4400

We ask each missionary to write to their parents every week. Please let me know if you aren’t hearing from your missionary regularly. You can contact me by email.

It will be a great privilege to work with Elder Mikolajcik while he serves here in the Argentina Salta Mission. We are very pleased that your missionary is here in this mission and we know that he will have many spiritual experiences while he is preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your support and for sharing your son with us.

Attached you will find a picture of Elder Mikolajcik with his new companion.

President and Sister Orquera


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