September 11, 2019


Mexico CCM


Elder Hollberg

End of week 3 in the MTC/CCM

2 emails this week...
Email #1: "A week of illnesses...jajajaja
So here is some stuff I have done:
- I was in the choir
- Went to the temple here in mexico city (it was awesome)
-They had chicken bakes and costco pizza
- Elder Iverson got pneumonia
- My compañero had a medical issue of his own
- Two people got parasites
- I learned count your many blessings on the piano
- Safety zone is the illest
- We did many Spanish lessons
- The weather here is randomly super rainy
- This week I learned some more about patience
- "How much we can take can sometimes determine how much we can give"

Email #2: So i was kinda brief this morning but I have more time now. My Spanish is coming slowly but surely but im not stressing about it. Im kinda nervous about my visa not coming in time but Its all in God´s plan if i dont get it on time. Something that I have learned since i have been here is how dope conference talks are and also that everything is in God´s time and Gods plan. If we have afflictions God can help us learn from them. I also learned that prayer really works this week.I had a personal experience that i want to keep between me and my journal but prayer really works. Another experience of this is my companion. His sister prayed for someone to serve this morning and today my companion gave her the email of one of the hermanas that is having a hard time in my district so she could have someone to talk to that also had a rough start to her mission. The craziest part is that my comp had no idea he was answering his sister´s prayer to find someone to serve today. I am getting kinda ansy to get in the field to start serving others, but at the same time im also nervous because i lack the language and teaching skills to do so. Yesterday i forgot an English word, which apparently happens a lot to foreign speaking missionaries. I've been supa diligent with my Spanish and hopefully it will all pay off.
Pues pues pues, mira lo que tenemos aquí
-Elder MikMagesticMAS imágenes


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