September 4, 2019


Mexico CCM


Elder Hollberg

"This Place is Growing on Me"

Buenos dias people of america! This week was by far the best at the CCM. Every day is getting better and better and im starting to love it here.
The spirit is super strong here, and I have grown closer to God here than anywhere else. This week taught me patience, and faith. (Ether 12:6) I've listened to like 30 conference talks and Personal study of the book of Mormon is one of the best parts of the day. On Monday we went until lunch with NO ENGLISH. It was bonkers. What is funny is that the only reason i ever want to break the rules here is to download conference talks when im supposed to be studying jajaja. Something else that really hit me this week was Moroni´s promise in Moroni 10:3-5. That scripture is really the make or break of the gospel. The one way to find out if it is true, and its simple. Anyone can do it and everyone should. All we have to do to see if the book of Mormon is true(and frankly the entire church) is to read the Book Of Mormon, and pray to see if it is true, and if you are patient and keep reading you will know of it´s truth. This is way cool. It isn't always some miracle but it works and a knowledge of the truth will come over time . Some guy in our district threw up and passed it on Sunday so he had to get a shot that made him puke some more, it was glorious. He is fine now but he got to rest for the day. Sunday was fast Sunday and we fasted 24 hours with no food and water(probably why the elder passed out.) but it was really cool because i didn't even get that hungry. Im going to the temple today so ill send pics next week of the temple. The refiner´s fire never felt so good. i got to go-Elder Mikolajcik


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