December 30, 2020


Warsaw, NY


Elder Lawson

A Very Merry Christmas

This Christmas was pretty great!
I had a fun time trying out virtual caroling and reading Luke 2 with people throughout Christmas and we were even able to teach and set up some lessons which made it pretty productive. (Also, it was really funny for people to listen to my companion and I try and sing to them lol!)
There was also a ton of food! The mission had a mission pie bake over Zoom. Basically we all got on and Sister Vest (Mission President's wife) walked us all through how to make an apple pie. Like with Thanksgiving they also lifted the no food drop off rule for Christmas dinner. It was delicious! When you add that to the massive amounts of candy we got I am going to be a chunky Elder to start of 2021!
I love Christmas. I love how everyone is so much more aware of Christ during Christmas time. It is a lot more evident to me after the two mission Christmases the effect it has. People are a lot more open.
Christmas really was the big news of the week. Everything else is still rolling about the same. We make a lot of phone calls and texts. We find, we teach, and we baptize eventually. :)
Love you all and hope you have a great New Years!
Elder Warnick


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