November 30, 2020


Warsaw, NY


Elder Barbiero and Elder Asay

A Two Car Feast

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
This week was Amazing!
First and foremost, Thanksgiving day. We started the day off with an awesome mission wide devotional over Zoom. We had special guest speaker Elder Groburg aka Kolipoki (the person in "The Other Side of Heaven") He talked a lot about lessons he learned from his different mission experiences. Some of them were pretty intense such as the time he almost starved in his first area because they didn't have any food for seven weeks! Anyways, it was super great and he gave a bunch of good advice.
Also, there has been a rule for months now that members aren't allowed to drop off any kind of food to our apartments. They did however make a one meal exception for Thanksgiving. I think the members were really determined to make this one meal last us until the rule is lifted because they brought a lot! Like... A LOT! They needed two big cars to deliver all the food. It was legendary! I love the members here!
Something else that was pretty cool this week was the worldwide missionary devotional by Elder Christopherson. He talked a lot about all the aspects of the restoration to be thankful for. Something that made it especially great was that some missionaries from my mission got to be in it. A while back they asked us to record and send in a short video of ourselves talking about why we are thankful for the restoration. They showed some of them during the devotional. It was fun to see some people I recognized on there (one of them was in my MTC district).
Anywho, those are the highlights for the week. Looking forward to this years Light the World! Its going to be pretty great!
Love you all
Elder Warnick


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