November 9, 2020


Warsaw, NY


Elder Barbiero and Elder Asay

Scooby Dooby Do Where Are You?

Hello everyone! I had another amazing week here in Warsaw!
Something that actually happened last week but I somehow forgot to mention in the last letter was when we were on one of our two day walks we found a cell phone on the sidewalk. At first we just kind of noticed it as we were walking and we looked around to see if there was anyone who it could belong to and we didn't see anyone. So we just left the phone there and started walking away. Suddenly we hear, "Scooby Dooby Do!" And the rest of the song start up from the phone. So we picked it up and it was the father of the persons phone. We met up with him and gave the phone back (along with a copy of the Book of Mormon) It was totally random but fun!
We found a few people this week but most lived just out of our area again so we referred them.
Also, we have a high school track in our backyard and my companions like running in the morning. I just walk but they can run. Also, one of my companions made us Tres Leche. Delicious. Here are some pictures of that and some other random pictures I got. :)
Elder Warnick


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