October 26, 2020


Warsaw, NY


Elder Bernal and Elder Frei

A Shortcut to Mushrooms

Hello! Everyone!
Exciting news I just got today is that I am going to be staying in Warsaw and I am getting two new companions this week. Elder Bernal is going home and Elder Frei is getting transferred to Buffalo Spanish. I haven't met either of my new companions before, but I hear that one of them is pretty close to going home as well and he is going to be district leader. It should be an exciting transfer!
I have spent a lot of today cleaning because this apartment is pretty bad. Most notable clean up of the week is the bathroom. This bathroom is very hard to keep clean for two reasons: First we have this fun little plastic box for a shower (We call it a porta shower. Don't know what they are actually called.) However it is a little difficult to keep all the water inside of it. The second reason is, for reasons we don't understand, we have carpet in the bathroom. The carpet is the real kicker. Anyways we try our best to keep it clean but this week we looked behind the toilet and there had grown some mushrooms. Biggest was the size of a nickel. Scrubbed it up best I could but since the carpet is always wet some more will probably grow back in a couple of weeks.
That is about it for this week. I hope you all have a great Halloween!
Elder Warnick


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