August 24, 2020




Elder Nielson

Elder Barney Has Arrived

This Week has Been Great! Lots happened.
We picked up Elder Barney from the airport Tuesday. He is cool. He was originally going to go to Chili but after two weeks at the Mexico MTC they sent everyone home and he is now serving here with us.
Because of the laws here regarding people coming in from Utah we are going to be back in self quarantine but even stricter that before. (We no longer get two walks a day or shopping P-days) We got lots of food last week though so we are still going to be able to eat like we were walking all day. ;)
We got a sweet referral this week. Last Sunday there was a man hanging out in the church parking lot. One of the Bishops Counselors went over to talk with him. He was playing Pokemon Go. The member talked with him a little bit and asked if he would be interested in talking with missionaries and he said yes! We had a sweet lesson with him over the phone and hope to have many more. Pokemon Go for the win!
Brenden's Baptism got pushed two weeks because he wanted us to be there for it and we are in lock down still. Arg! Oh well, its still going to happen.
That's all from over here, hope you have a great week!


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