June 29, 2020




Elder Nielson

Christopher Got Baptized

This week was sweet! We had transfers again and I will be staying in Cattaraugus with Elder Nielsen for another transfer. Elder Breshears however got moved over to Ogdensburg. He was in this area a little over six transfers. This will be my sixth transfer in this area and I am glad to be staying.
Christopher was finally able to be baptized this last Saturday. Its been a long time in coming. He has been ready for a while. There was a limit of ten people who could attend and most of that was his family. We have been given special permission to live stream the ordinance so that was really cool. He was baptized and confirmed and got the priesthood all in one go. Also, his grandparents in Utah were able to give the spiritual thought over Zoom so that was awesome. He says that he has just felt happier since.
Something unfortunate is that I left the phone in my pocket when I got in the water so my phone is super out of commission right now. Its still sitting in a bag of rice right now, but we don't have high hopes for it. I had some pictures on my phone that I took of it all but those are lost right now. Luckily Christopher's mother took some as well so I have a few pictures of it all. Other than that it all went super great! lol.
I guess I will let my companion have his phone back now. Have a great week!
Elder Warnick

PS You can't tell but I am smiling in all these pictures I promise. :)


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