June 22, 2020




Elder Breshears

A Clean Kill, Pool Party, and a Chainmail tie

Hi all,
This was an exciting week. We had a few exciting things happen.
The first was our vacuum tried to kill us. It happened because one of my companions was throwing a ball against the wall and accidentally hit one of the pictures and totally shattered the frame. Not a big deal because we had told someone we are teaching that we would get them some pictures to hang up in their home and so now we had another picture to give. The danger came after we picked up some of the biggest pieces and vacuumed up the rest. The vacuum had made some weird noises throughout but it picked it up. Then when my companion lifted up the vacuum to move it a little it started shooting out the shards of glass from the frame. Scary stuff. It got all over the room. I wore shoes around the house for a couple of days while we fixed and cleaned the vacuum.
That aside stuff is going good. Since we are allowed to Baptize again apparently their have been a ton of baptisms throughout the mission. These last two weeks there was more baptisms than the mission has had some months in the past.
Last but not least someone we are teaching made one of my companions a chainmail tie.
Elder Warnick : )


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